The Barber of Seville

Bugs Bunny may have made it famous, but the tongue twister singing and catchy tunes are what keeps audiences coming back to Rossini’s classic The Barber of Seville. This virtual production is "made for virtual" and features a world-class cast of singers from across the country and one lucky local making his Opéra Louisiane performance debut!


Hannah Ludwig


Evan Hammond


Miles Mykkanen


Dennis Jesse


Ivan Griffin


Kayla Siembieda


Rick LeCompte

Police Officer / Narrator

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Shane Almaviva, the son of the richest ranchers in town, has fallen for a young debutante named Rosina. He spends his days leaning on a fence post dreaming about her beauty (“Ecco ridente”). However, he has never actually met her and decides to get help from a friend. Figaro makes his way to his barber shop (“Largo”). Now Figaro is no ordinary barber. There is no girl in Seville who gets married without Figaro’s help. Almaviva calls Figaro and says he is willing to pay anything to get to meet Rosina. Figaro happily agrees to assist Almaviva.

It seems that Almaviva is not the only man that has his eyes on Rosina. Dr. Bartolo will do anything to get his hands on Rosina’s inheritance. However, Rosina is more resilient than the doctor realizes and she always finds a way to get what (or who) she wants (“Una voce poco fa”). Rosina and Figaro discretely meet each other, and she hands him a note meant for Almaviva (“Dunque io son”). When Rosina returns home to the Bartolo ranch, the foolish Dr. Bartolo knows something is up but she evades him as she goes to her room and locks the door (“A un dottor”).

Disguised as a soldier, Almaviva gains access to the Bartolo Ranch. He and Rosina are able to exchange notes, just before Dr. Bartolo attempts to have Almaviva arrested. Figaro enters to save the day, and he and Almaviva smooth talk their way out of jail. (Finale I)

Figaro is determined to help out Almaviva and Rosina, and get paid for his efforts. He gives Almaviva a new persona: Alonso, the finest hairdresser in all of Seville. His first client is Rosina. Figaro has slyly scheduled an appointment for Rosina with Alonso to coincide with his own appointment with Dr. Bartolo for a close shave. Basilio, Rosina’s music teacher, enters the barbershop and recognizes Almaviva. However, before he is able to reveal the façade, Almaviva bribes him and persuades him to leave, saying he looks like he has COVID-19. Bartolo overhears all of this and tries to interject but is tied up by Figaro with a bib. Figaro and Almaviva escape (“Quintetto”).

It’s time to get Rosina out of ol’ Doc Bartolo’s house once and for all. Figaro and Almaviva climb up the escape ladder into Rosina’s room. Almaviva reveals his actual identity and the couple confess their true feelings for one another. Figaro sees flashlights in the distance, and Rosina quickly packs her bag and gets ready to leave (“Terzetto”). Bartolo barges into the room with the Officer and Basilio, and demands that Rosina marries him instead. Almaviva reveals his family’s wealth and Bartolo reluctantly gives his blessing for the couple to marry. The opera ends with those two lovebirds riding off into the sunset. (Finale II)

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